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Last updated - December, 2011

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NoteMost of the following applies as well to Fortran 95 as to Fortran 90. Fortran 95 is only a minor upgrade to Fortran 90.

Contents :

1. Fortran 90/95 and Fortran 77
2. Available in Fortran 90/95:
2.1. Compilers
2.2. Code re-structurers and converters
2.3. Libraries and utilities
2.4. Tests and Benchmarks
2.5. Examples and repositories
2.6. Courses and Consultancy
3. Documentation:
3.1. Standards
3.2. Glossary
3.3. Journals
3.4. Tutorials and other documents
3.5. Books
3.6. Articles
3.7. Links to WWW pages
4. Fortran 90 Benchmarking
5. Announced, foreseen, and rumours
6. Workshops, seminars, conferences
7. Addresses

1.0 Fortran 90/95 and Fortran 77:

Fortran 90 is, with very few exceptions, a superset of Fortran 77. The FAQ of the Usenet group Comp.lang.fortran deals with both standards, and may be obtained, like any FAQ, via anonymous ftp from rtfm.mit.edu, directory /pub/usenet/comp.lang.fortran.

A specific Fortran 90 FAQ by Mike Metcalf may be reached at fortran.com.

The present document is an attempt to supplement these FAQs with some more links to Fortran 90/95 information.

Anyone interested is also invited to join the mailbase list comp-fortran-90, by sending an e-mail message to mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk, containing the only line:
join comp-fortran-90 firstname lastname

The main extensions of Fortran 90 over Fortran 77 are:

``Pure'' Fortran 77 is F90 compatible. Yet, it is better to convert it to a ``mixed'' format, acceptable both as free and fixed source form Fortran 90, which only requires replacing C by ! as the comment character, to use & as the continuation line character, and to append it to the continued line, to remove blanks embedded inside constants or identifiers, and to check some intrinsics usage. Most of this can be done automatically.

Fortran 90 allows the Fortran 77 programmer to write code faster, to make it more legible, and to avoid many bugs. For a newcomer to programming, it is an opportunity to learn a modern language, with most recommended features, and yet to be in line with scientific and industrial engineering communities where Fortran is and is going to remain for a good while THE favourite language.

Fortran 95 is a minor revision of Fortran 90. The 3 main extensions with respect to that previous version are:

2.0 Available in Fortran 90/95:


Free compilers are g95 and gfortran. Packaged gfortran can be obtained from François-Xavier Coudert If you agree with the conditions of their licence, and run Linux on an Intel machine, a free-for-non-commercial-use Fortran 95 compiler is available from Intel. The free f90 and HPF compiler for linux from Pacific Sierra is no longer available. Some compilers restricted to modern subsets of the language may yet be free, and better suited to educational purposes, such as F from The Fortran Company, now free for all platforms.
Absoft® v10 Fortran Compilers for Linux on 32-bit and 64-bit x86: According to the most popular industry benchmarks for Fortran, SPEC2000 and Polyhedron 2005, Absoft's new Fortran compilers produce the top 64-bit performance on both Xeon® and Opteron® processors and are fully source compatibility with previous Absoft compilers.

Absoft Fortran95 Compiler v9.0: for 64-bit Linux (AMD Opteron)- Includes full F95 Fortran 95 compiler with most [f77] workstation extensions and high performance optimizations up to 35% faster than previous release. Upgrades to multi-processors and OpenMP options available. Also includes free copy of new advanced Fx2 source level multi-language debugger with optional parallel graphical user interface. New MaxFlex flexible floating license options.

ACE f90 and HPF - for Parsytec PowerPC-based machines.

Apogee - highly optimizing Apogee-Fortran 90, C-DAC Fortran 90 (comes with debugger). Both compilers are for SPARC architectures.

APR xHPF 2.1 - HPF compiler ([Cray]T3D,[IBM]SP-2, [Intel] Paragon, [Dec Alpha]3000/900 275Mhz,[SGI Power Challenge]MIPS R8000, [Sun SPARC]2000 40Mhz)

CRAY CF90 - for Crays YMP and YMP-C90, Superserver 6400 and Sparc Solaris 2.3, plans for HP, SGI

Compaq Visual Fortran - for Windows.

The Fortran Company F - educational subset (dusty features removed, for inexpensive F90 learning) - now free for all platforms.

Fujitsu - full compiler for Sparc Solaris 2.3 or later, Linux and Windows 2000/XP/NT/95/98, and highly optimized, native Fortran 95 compilers, UXP/V Fortran, Fortran/VPP and HPF, for the its VPP supercomputers

g95 g95 Free compiler.

gfortran gfortran Free compiler.

HP HP Fortran 90 - full compiler for HP-UX 10.20, 10.10, 10.01 and SPP-UX

IBM XLF --- Full compiler for IBM pSeries, comply with Fortran 95 standard and OpenMp Fortran API V2.0. Support AIX V4.3.3 and above, Linux, and Apple Mac OS X.

Intel Intel Compiler v8.0 for Linux or Windows.

Lahey LF95 - Fortran 95 compiler under several packaging options.

Lahey LF90 - for DOS, Windows including Pentium optimizations and Interacter Kit.

Lahey ELF90 - educational subset (dusty features removed, for inexpensive F90 learning).

Microsoft Fortran Powerstation V4.0 - for Windows NT 3.5 and Windows 95. See Compaq Visual Fortran, as Microsoft ``handed over'' Fortran to DEC in Spring 97.

MicroWay - for DOS, OS/2, Unix, Linux.

NAG/ACE Optimizing f90 - release 1.0 for Sparc Solaris 2.

NAGWare f90 - uses C as intermediate language, now at rel:5.0, includes HPF extensions and exists in Linux version.

NAGWare f95, release 5.1, including support for Fortran 2003.

NEC FORTRAN90/SX - for its supercomputer SX series.

Pathscale - F95 compiler, C, C++ for Linux.

PGI - F95/HPF compiler, for SGI, IBM SP2, HP/Convex, Linux, Windows.

Salford FTN90 - PC implementation of NAG f90, direct generation of object code.

Salford FTN95 - full Fortran 95 compliant compiler for Extended DOS, Windows.

SGI - under IRIX 6.1 on R8000 machines: Power Challenge, Power Indigo 2, Power Onyx - Cray-compatible compiler (version 7.2 and later).

Sun Studio Compilers and Tools - Sun's compilers and tools are now free for Solaris (and Linux ?).

Stern C. S. CF90 - Cray-compatible for DEC OSF/1.

NOTE: Some vendors offer a number of F90 extensions, for instance array syntax or ALLOCATE instruction.

Code re-structurers and converters

Forcheck static Analyzer.

Polyhedron Software Ltd. plusFORT, comprises restructuring and static analysis - including F77 to F90 "translation".

C to Fortran 9x translation.

Reverse engineering, metrics, documentation, IDE for FORTRAN 88,90,and 95. Windows and Unix.

HicEst Fortran incremental compiler and interpreter.

Summary of the f95 parser project

F90 code to Laheys ELF90 A converter provided by Alan Miller for Numerical Recipes

Crescent Bay Software VAST/77to90

FORESYS 1.4, GUI based High Performance Global Analysis, F77->F90 conversion, and parallelization.

FORGE Explorer 2.0, Distributed and shared memory Parallelizer, Applied Parallel Research, Inc.

NAGWare f90 tools, pretty-printer, declarations standardiser, precision standardiser, names changer.

F77 to F90 converter.

CONVERT, conversion to F90 free format, proposed by Mike Metcalf via anonymous ftp on jkr.cc.rl.ac.uk (, file /pub/MandR/convert.f90.

Fortranlint is a static source-code analyzer for Fortran 77, Fortran 90, and Fortran 95. It is a pre-compile software development tool that finds bugs your compiler can't catch.

function interpreter, For expression evaluation.

ftof90.c, minimal F77 -> F90 conversion.

f90ppr, F90 pre-processor similar to cpp.

f90tops, Fortran 90 free source form to PostScript converter, marking indentation in the margin.

coco, F90 conditional compilation tool (see corresponding auxiliary standard).

f90aib, Automatic interface bloc generator.

Sun's fpp, Fortran public domain pre-processor.

flecs90, FLECS to F90 translator.

Libraries and utilities

*Emacs* package free-format f90-mode. Among the options one finds automatic matching and completion of all end-blocks (for example, indenting a line starting with end, finds the corresponding if/do/module... and checks/fills in the right kind of block and a possible name), it has an automatic fill-function which breaks a line and inserts &-signs (two if inside a string) when a line gets too long, different coloring for different features which is updated with every indent of a line. The most common commands are available via a menu.

Fortran-2000.com will host downloadable source code for Unconditional, Unique, and Partial Ranking, Sorting, and Permutation.

Some utilities (pre-processor/pretty-printer, automatic interface generation, f90split, PostScript listing of source).

OpenGL Fortran 90 bindings interface for OpenGL 1.1 (or Mesa), GLU 1.2, GLUT 3.6 and several OpenGL extensions, supports most Unix workstations and Windows.

Xeffort libraryXeffort is a free, open-source library for building GUI applications in all flavors of Visual FortranT.

Function parser for Fortran 90, intended for applications where a set of mathematical expressions is specified at runtime and is then evaluated for a large number of variable values.

Evaluator library: Create in-memory tree representation of function from string specification of function, and later evaluate function for specified variable values, create tree representation for function derivative over variable specified and print back in-memory tree to string.

Example makefile and script to overcome the problem of cascading recompilation of many modules when only one of the initial modules is modified.

DISLIN is a high-level plotting library for displaying data as curves, bar graphs, pie charts, surfaces, contours and maps - DISLIN is available for the most Fortran 90 compilers on Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, UNIX, Linux and VMS.

PSPLOT, a Fortran-callable PostScript plotting library which is platform independent, supports color, and produces publication quality graphics.

Performance Library - LAPACK, BLAS, FFTPACK, VFFTPACK et LINPACK optimized for SPARC (Sun Performance Workshop).

Canaima Software's f90SQL PRO v2.0 - A convenient and familiar way to manipulate many database formats directly from a Fortran program.

INTERACTER - graphics library for Lahey LF90 and Salford FTN90, on 386/486/pentium + DOS Extenders (Int. Soft. Serv.).

Lahey has F90 components (manual, array intrinsics, front end,...) that they would like to license to others.

f90doc is an easy-to-learn documentation tool that generates pages of HTML documentation from Fortran 90 source.

NAG fl90, numerical and statistical library, Sun 4, Sgi, DECstation, and IBM RISC System/6000.

NAG tool components (parser, semantic analyser, tree modification library and tree flattener).

f90SQL, a library of functions and subroutines that work as an interface between Fortran programs and Microsoft Windows Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) API.

Numerical recipes(Others give caveats !)

Cray LibSci(tm), numerical library for Crays and Sparc Solaris 2.3

MPFUN (Multiple Precision Floating Point Computation Package) by David W. Bailey, for Cray CF-90.

IMSL library (Visual Numerics) Fortran Math and Stat libraries are available for many platforms, sometimes even bundled with the compiler, see VNI.

Syntax verifier extracted from NAG compiler, put into public domain by NAG for Sun 3, Sun 4, Sgi.
Interactive checking of user's code over www at http://www.nag.co.uk/0/Forms/f90_interface.html

ISAM/VSAM/btree file structure, and Positional Key file structure ISF and PKF modules, shareware from Garnatz and Grovender, Inc

XLIB interface, from Garnatz and Grovender also.

CADNA, by professeur Vignes from Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, implements stochastic arithmetic in Fortran 90, and enables monitoring of precision loss and/or numerical instabilities during execution. (Control of Accuracy and Debugging for Numerical Aplications in Fortran) More information available from AERO (see also articles by J. Vignes), or Pr. Chesneaux (chesneaux@masi.ibp.fr).

ISO/IEC 1539-2 (Auxiliary standard) - Variable length character strings in Fortran (with a demonstration of implementation)

LAPACK, (minimaly) translated by myself, successfully passed all its tests with NAg-f90 2.0. I aggressively translated single precision Blas, and intend to do the same with other Blas as soon as I have time.

StopWatch, Measurement of execution times by W.F Mitchell

FFT module, by Michael Steffens

F90 makedepend, perl script by Kate Hedstrom

Makefile dependencies, C++ program by Erik Edelmann

Makefile dependencies, another program

Automatic differentiation with Fortran programs

Tests and Benchmarks

Examples and repositories

Nag has set up a repository for contributed code:

WWW: http://www.nag.co.uk/1/nagware/Examples

Fortran.com is the "ONE place to find all information, products, and services related to Fortran"

WWW: http://www.fortran.com/

Lahey Computer Systems downloadable F90 public domain code.

11,000 lines offered by Richard Maine via anonymous ftp on

ftp.dfrf.nasa.govfile is fdas.tar.Z

Many of the example codes and problem solutions from NUMERICAL METHODS FOR DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS - A computational approach by John R. Dormand have been coded in F.

Alan Miller's home page contains code for converting Numerical Recipes F90 code to make it compatible with Laheys ELF90 compiler and a variety of other F90 code (quadruple-precision COMPLEX arithmetic, TOMS 768, ...).

STEJOI, statistical package for joint occurrence events, on Sun, including source code and everything, via anonymous ftp on ftp.ifremer.fr the file is f90dvl.tar.Z

Module unsigned_32, for definition and use of unsigned 32 bits integers, also on ftp.ifremer.fr the file is unsi32.f90.Z

f90split, experimental version, similar to Unix BSD fsplit, but for free source form, also on ftp.ifremer.fr the file is f90split.f90.gz

Algorithm 999 by A.G. Buckley for unconstrained nonlinear minimization, on ftp.royalroads.ca

Courses and Consultancy

IT Independent Training Limited, UK
DRIME, France, janninst@drime.fr
CTS, Germany
The Fortran Company, USA CETech, Inc., USA

3.0 Documentation:

Bibliographie Informatique Commentée A bibliography in French, gathered by Bernard Pichon.


ISO/IEC 1539:1997

International Standard

Information technology - Programming langages - Fortran Somewhat expensive (CHF 210 ~ US$ 140 !) for instance, at ISO. Surprisingly enough, the identical, save for foreword and acknowledgements, ANSI standard X3.198-1992 is even more expensive. Walter S. Brainerd, The Fortran Company., offers:

- for 125 US$, an electronic ascii monouser version,

- for 125 + 10n US$, an electronic PostScript version, and the right to make n paper copies,

- or for 1000 US$, an electronic ditroff monouser version.

A version with French glossary is available as European norm NF EN 21539.


Fortran terminology glossary by Ken Hawick hawick@npac.sys.edu


Fortran Journal ISSN 1060-0221, Enquiries: Walt Brainerd walt@fortran.com Subscriptions: Fortran Users Group / P.O. Box 4201 / Fullerton, CA 92634 (From 1997, free access from the Fortran.com)

Fortran Forum edited by Loren Meissner meissner@usfca.edu Subscriptions: ACM membership services: acmhelp@acm.org, 10$ members, 20$ non members

Tutorials and other documents

FORTRAN Performance Tuning co-Guide.

European Standards For Writing and Documenting Exchangeable Fortran 90 Code.

University of Liverpool on-line tutorial.

P. Corde and H. Delouis, ``Support de cours Fortran 90 IDRIS''. This is a very complete reference (224 pp.), in French, to which the authors have agreed to give free access.

Pr. Loren Meissner has written an ELF subset (Essential Lahey Fortran) textbook, from his PWS book, and offers it on a royalty basis of $1.00 per copy, with advance royalty payment for 100 copies (LPMeissner@msn.com).

Copyright but freely available course material is available from Manchester Computer Centre.

Bo Einarsson and Yurij Shokin have written a tutorial on the transition from Fortran 77 to Fortran 90, with the title "Fortran 90 for the Fortran 77 programmer"

Michel Goossens has now installed a Fortran 90 tutorial on the World Wide Web (WWW) under the URL : F90 Tutorial/Overview- http://wwwinfo.cern.ch/asdoc/WWW/f90/f90.html There is no copyright on this material.

There is a Fortran (90) tutorial on the net that might be of some use Tutorial from University of New Mexico

A discussion about the various aspects of OO Fortran 90 programming, with comparison to C++, can be found at OO Fortran 90

See also:



ftp.th-darmstadt.de /pub/thd/fortran/f90/

The University of Liverpool


Dr. Ching-Kuang Shene's site at Michigan Technological University

Syracuse Univ.

Clive Page's home page at Leicester


* in English,

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3.6 - Articles

3.7 - Other places for Help on Fortran 90

4.- Fortran 90 Benchmarking

An interesting article by John K. Prentice appeared in the May/June 93 issue of Fortran Journal. He also gave a new one in the Nov/Dec 94 issue.

I made some tests myself with LAPACK, and got a ratio of 10 between Sun f77 and Nag f90 2.0 when no source change was performed. With an aggressive rewriting, especially using array instructions and intrinsics, the ratio gets down to 2, which is also that of a f77 [sd]axpy to a C one.

On actual applications, this ratio seems to be much closer to 1, and even sometimes in favor of Fortran 90. On Sept. 7th, 1993, John wrote "I think there is in fact beginning to be a quite large body of evidence to suggest that most of the efficiency fears about F90 are unfounded."

For Nag f90 on workstations, the effect of the underlying C compiler (gcc, vendor, etc...) seems very limited (less than 4%).

With more recent F90 compilers, performance seems at least as good and often better than with the corresponding F77 compiler, for old F77 code. For instance, Lahey reports improvement from 8.5 to 14.1 Mflops with linpack on a pentium between EM/32 and their F90 compiler.

5.0 Announced, foreseen, and rumours

Fortner (LS Fortran) has exited the Fortran business on Mac (to concentrate on visualization tools). Per agreement with Fortner, Absoft is offering migration path from LS Fortran -> Absoft Pro Fortran. See: http://www.absoft.com/fortner.letter.html or contact dave@fortner.com for details

Absoft and Intel have signed deal to evolve Absoft Fortran toolsets for IA/NT.

6.0 Workshops, seminars, conferences

SEL-HPC: the London and South-East centre for High Performance Computing
NAG Seminars

7.0 Addresses

3ip, 104, rue Castagnary, F-75015 Paris, France tel: +33 1 48 56 23 33, fax: +33 1 48 56 23 44

Absoft, 2781 Bond Street Rochester Hills, MI 48309 USA tel: (248) 853-0050 , Fax: (248) 853-0108 fortran@absoft.com

ACE, Van Eeghenstraat 100, 1071 Gl Amsterdam, Netherlands tel: +31 20 6646416, fax: +31 20 6750389 http://www.ace.nl/

AERO, Mr. Berthon, 3 av. de l'opera. F-75001 Paris, France tel: +33 1 44 55 30 80, fax: +33 1 40 15 95 54

AFNOR, Tour Europe, Cedex 7, F-92049 Paris la Defense, France tel: +33 1 42 91 55 55

Apogee Software Inc., 1901 S.Bascom Ave., Suite 325, Campbell, CA 95008-2207, USA tel: (408) 369-9001, fax: (408) 369-9018, info@apogee.com

Applied Parallel Research, Inc., 550 Main St., Placerville, CA 95667 tel: (916) 621-1600, fax: (916) 621-0593, support@apri.com http://ftp.netcom.com/pub/forge/home.html

CETech, Inc., 8196 SW Hall Blvd., Ste. 304, Beaverton, Oregon 97008, USA. tel: (503) 644-6106, fax: (503) 643-8425, cetech@teleport.com

Cray Research,Inc., 655 Lone Oak Drive, Eagan, MN 55121 http://www.cray.com/

CTS, Prinz-Otto Str. 7c, D-85521 Ottobrunn, Germany tel: +49 89 6083758, fax: +49 89 6083758

Fortran Journal, P.O. Box 4201, Fullerton, CA 92634, USA fax: (714) 441-2022

Fujitsu Open Systems Solutions, Inc., 3055 Orchard Drive, San Jose, CA 95134 USA tel: (408) 456-7809, fax: (408) 456-7050, info@ossi.com

Garnatz et Grovender Inc., 5301 26th Avenue South, Mineapolis MN 55417-1923 USA tel: (612) 722-3094, gginc@winternet.com



ICHOR, 27 rue Linne, F-75005 Paris, France tel: +33 1 43 37 02 02

IDRIS, B.P. 167, F-91403 Orsay Cedex, France

The Fortran Company, 11155 E. Mountain Gate, Tucson, AZ 85749, USA, fax: (520) 760-1397, tel: (520) 256-1455

ISO, 1 rue de Varembe, Case postale 56, CH-1211 Geneve 20, Switzerland fax: +41 22 734 10 79

Interactive Software Services Ltd., 25 St Michaels Close, Penkridge, Stafford ST19 5AD, UK tel: +44 1785 715588, fax: +44 1785 714913, support@issltd.demon.co.uk

IT Independent Training Limited, 113 Liscombe, Birch Hill, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 7DE, UK tel: +44 344 860172, fax: +44 344 867992

KAI (Kuck & Associates), Champaign, IL USA tel: (217) 356-2288, fax: (217) 356-5199, katy@kai.com

Lahey Computer Systems, Inc., 865 Tahoe Blvd., P.O. Box 6091, Incline Village, NV 89450, USA tel: (702) 831-2500, fax: (702) 831-8123, sales@lahey.com


Microway, Research Park, Box 79, Kingston, MA 02364, USA tel: (508) 746-7341, fax: (508) 746-4678, nina@microway.com

NAG Ltd., Wilkinson House, Jordan Hill Road, Oxford, OX2 8DR, UK tel: +44 1865 311744, fax: +44 1865 311755, infodesk@nag.co.uk

NAG Inc., 1400 Opus Place, Suite 200, Downers Grove, IL 60515-5702, USA tel: (708) 971-2345, fax: (708) 971-2346, infodesk@nag.com
NAG GmbH., Schleissheimerstr. 5, D-85748 Garching, Germany tel: +49 89 3207395, fax: +49 89 3207396

NAG Office, Espace III, 62 Boulevard Frederic Arnaud, 09200 Saint Girons (Toulouse, France)

NAG Users Association, PO Box 426, Oxford, OX2 8SD, UK tel: +44 1865 311102, fax: +44 1865 310139, nagua@nag.co.uk

Crescent Bay Software , 5733 W. Century Blvd. Suite 700, Los Angeles 90045 CA. Tel (310) 338-3588, info@crescentbaysoftware.com.

ParaSoft Corporation, 2500 E. Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107, USA tel: (818) 792-9941, f90-info@parasoft.com

PGI, The Portland Group, 9150 S.W Pioneer Ct., Suite H Wilsonville, OR 97070 ,USA tel: (503) 682-2806, fax: (503) 682-2637 sales@pgroup.com

Quetzal Computational Associates, 3455 Main Avenue, Suite 4, Durango, CO 81301, USA tel: (970) 382-8979, fax: (970) 382-8981, quetzal@aip.org

Salford Software, Adelphi House, Adelphi Street, Salford M3 6EN, UK tel: +44 161 8342148, fax: +44 161 8342454, sales@salfsoft.demon.co.uk

S.I. editions, 9 av. Prince Hereditaire Albert, MC-98000, Monaco tel: +33 92 05 35 51, fax: +33 92 05 35 04

Simulog, 1 rue James Joule, F-78286 Guyancourt Cedex, France (Mr. E. Plestan) tel: +33 1 30 12 27 00, fax: +33 1 30 12 27 27, plestan@simulog.fr

Spackman & Hendrickson, Inc., 13708 Krestwood Drive, Burnsville, MN 55337, USA tel: (612) 892-5847, fax: (612) 892-5844

Sun Micro Systems

Unicom Seminars Ltd., Brunel Science Park, Cleveland Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 3PH, UK tel: +44 895 256484, fax: +44 895 813095, unicom@unicom.demon.co.uk

Visual Numerics, mktg@houston.vni.com

I am always pleased to receive informations. Thanks to all those who sent some to me, and that I can not cite all because I lost some of their names and addresses :-)

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