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Finding the version number of a particular piece of software can be tricky. It implies that you know where the software is located in the first place! This page tries to solve this problem.
The usual method is:

Package managers on Unix
Operating system Main command List installed packages
Linux (RedHat like distribution) rpm rpm -qa
Linux Debian dpkg dpkg -l
Linux (Slackware distribution) pkgtool pkgtool
ls -l /var/log/packages/
Cygwin Graphic installer ("setup.exe") cygcheck -c
Solaris pkginfo pkginfo
grep xxx /var/sadm/install/contents
Irix versions versions
Compaq (Digital) Unix setld setld -i
AIX lslpp lslpp -l
HP-UX swlist swlist

See as well the unix rosetta stone.

Licence managers
Licence system Main command List licences available
FLEXlm lmutil lmutil lmstat -a
Sun compilers [compiler name] -xlicinfo Example: cc -xlicinfo
NAGWare compilers f95 -xlicinfo f95 -xlicinfo


How to get the version and the flags list of a compiler
Compilers Command Version command Help command Version macro
Pre-defined Compiler Macros
GNU compilers gcc gcc --version, gcc -v gcc --help __VERSION__, __GNUC__, __GNUC_MINOR__
g++ g++ --version, g++ -v g++ --help __VERSION__, __GNUC__, __GNUC_MINOR__
g77 g77 --version, g77 -v g77 --help
gfortran gfortran --version, gfortran -v gfortran --help
Sun compilers cc cc -V cc -help __SUNPRO_C
f77 (discontinued) f77 -V f77 -help
f90 f90 -V f90 -help
SGI compilers cc cc -version cc -help __sgi, _COMPILER_VERSION
CC CC -version CC -help __sgi, _COMPILER_VERSION
f77 f77 -version f77 -help
f90 f90 -version f90 -help
HP compilers cc, c89 cc -V, what `which cc` N/A (best effort: __hpux and /usr/include/model.h)
CC (discontinued) what `which CC`
aCC aCC -V aCC +help __HP_aCC
f77 (discontinued) what `which f77`
f90 f90 +version, f90 +what f90 +usage
HP-Compaq-Digital compilers cc cc -V __DECC, __DECC_VER
cxx cxx -V __DECCXX, __DECCXX_VER
f77 f77 -what
f90, f95 f90 -version
IBM compilers xlc, cc lslpp -l | grep C++, xlc -qversion xlc __xlC__, __IBMC__
xlC lslpp -l | grep C++, xlc -qversion xlC __xlC__, __IBMCPP__
f77, xlf lslpp -l | grep Fortran
(or f77 -qsource), xlf -qversion
xlf90 lslpp -l | grep Fortran (or xlf90 -qsource)
what /usr/lpp/xlf/bin/xlfentry, xlf90 -qversion
Microsoft compilers CL /logo CL /HELP, CL /? _MSC_VER
Borland compilers bcc32 bcc32 bcc32 __BORLANDC__
Metrowerks CodeWarrior mwcc /logo /?, /help __MWERKS__
Intel compilers C/C++ (>=8.0):
[windows] icl
[linux] icc, icpc
-V -?, -help __INTEL_COMPILER
Fortran (>=8.0): ifort -V -?, -help __IFC
Lahey Fortran compilers lf95 (windows)
lf95 (linux) lf95 --version lf95 --help
NAGWare Fortran compiler f95 f95 -V, f95 -version f95 -help
Salford Fortran compilers FTN77 FTN77 /LIST FTN77 /HELP


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