Notes on PC-lint

A few notes about Gimpel PC-lint

Running PC-lint with GCC under Cygwin

I had reasonable success using PC-lint under Cygwin 1.5.x with GCC 3.3.1. Here are some configuration files to make it work.

In directory "C:\lint":

Use with "make"

The following scheme works reasonably well. Put project specific options in the file my_project.lnt. Each ".cpp" produces a ".lob" ("lint object") (-u: unit checking, -zero: return zero as error code, -oo: produce a "lob" file). All ".lob" files can be process together to cross check the modules.

LINT = C:\\lint\\lint-nt -iC:\\lint std.lnt
LINTFLAGS = my_project.lnt
MODFLAGS = -u -zero -oo\($@\)

OBJECTS = xxx.lob

project: $(OBJECTS)

xxx.lob: xxx.cpp
        $(LINT) $(LINTFLAGS) $(MODFLAGS) xxx.cpp

Alternatively, the project can processed in one go by providing all source files to the command line. It scales surprisingly well.

Sorting the messages

This simple script provides a sorted list of messages.

PC-lint with wine on linux

Until Gimpel software fixes this, do be aware that PC-lint runs just fine on Linux as a regular console application and works just fine on G++ code.

LINT-NT.EXE only imports 57 symbols from KERNEL32.DLL, all of which are flawlessly implemented in Wine. There is no performance difference when running it this way.

Simply install Wine (, then just type:

$wine lint-nt.exe [parameters]

Or, if you add the appropriate line to "/proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register", you can just type:

$lint-nt.exe [parameters]

For more details on running Win32 console apps under Linux with Wine, see:

See /usr/src/linux/Documentation/binfmt_misc.txt for more info about binfmt_misc.

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